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Mar 28 Jul 2009, 19:34 por Admin
Las siguientes normas son guías de conducta para el buen funcionamiento del foro. Infringirlas supone un aviso de los administradores o de los moderadores de las diferentes áreas. Las continuas faltas a estas normas lógicas de uso del foro supondrán que el administrador tome medidas que pueden llegar, en su caso, al baneo o expulsión del foro.

En un foro es lógico que algunos usuarios no compartan el mismo punto de vista sobre determinado tema. El respeto obvio a las opiniones de todos los usuarios es un mínimo exigido. Asimismo se evitarán en este foro los ataques de carácter personal, las calumnias, los insultos o los comentarios ofensivos (o que …

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 ** USE NORMS **

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Localización : En la red, vijilando a los malechores!!!!
Masculino Fecha de inscripción : 24/07/2009
Cantidad de envíos : 42

MensajeTema: ** USE NORMS **   Mar 28 Jul 2009, 19:37


The following norms are guides of conduct for the good operation of the forum. To infringe supposes them a warning of the administrators or the moderators. The continuous lack to these norms logics of use of the forum will suppose that the administrators take measures that can arrive, in their case, to the bane or expulsion of the forum.

In a forum is logical that some users do not share he himself point of view on certain subject. The obvious respect to the opinions of all the users is a demanded minimum. Also the attacks of personal character, the offensive calumnies, words, the offensive insults or commentaries will be avoided in this forum (or that can susceptibly be offensive). The equality of rights of the users is also very important. Nobody will be discriminated for cultural, religious, political reasons? By the fulfilment of the mutual respect, main norm in the forum will guard the administrators and the moderators.

If a moderator or an administrator of which he is violating some of the norms of use of the forum warns a user does not have to make contingency not covered by law, but to accept the recommendation of the moderator or administration, since these norms are of general fulfilment, even of the moderators and the administrators.

Must be respected the subject of the Topic and to follow it. The different interventions do not have to be turned aside considerably. If it is desired to speak of another subject he is preferable to begin a new subject.
In order to answer several people to do it within same post, not to have a pile of post of which the answers can be put in one.

Must consider that the forum is public a virtual space, of such way must be avoided to publish no information of personal type that it is not wanted to share, such as: numbers of credit cards, product passwords and any type of confidential information. The user must distrust of any other user who asks for such type to him of information.

The user is the only person in charge of which it publishes and if it does not fulfil the norms the administrators or moderators have permission to publish it.

The users will be able to include images in their companies or ups and downs, in the messages, respecting the limits of established dimensions and weight. They do not allow to images porno (of sleeve or real), of badly taste or that show illegal practices.
- The images including in companies: they do not have to be very great, so that they do not occupy much spacing of post; the advised size the one of banner (730x150)
- The images used like avatar: they will not surpass the 120 pixels of wide by 120 pixels of stop (120x120), and will not have to surpass 10Kbs of weight.
- The images used inside the messages: he is advisable that is not very great, so that at the time of loading itself they do not occupy much space of post.

THE ADMINISTRATORS reserve the right to expel the users who, after being warned, repeatedly fail to fulfil anyone of the norms mentioned here; in addition to the following ones:
- To promote illegal activities (infantile pornography, terrorism, etc.).
- To urge the violence.
- To facilitate confidential or personal information on some user without its consent.
- To use an obscene language, blasphemer or another expression that damages people, groups or institutions.

THE ADMINISTRATORS also reserve the right to modify these norms of use at any time without previous, in agreement notification is advisable.
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